Michael Savage: “..Israel! What about MY country!?”

Michael Savage:
“I’m sick and tired of hearing about Israel! What about MY country!?”
“It’s now the lib-cons, the neo-cons are gone!”
“We have no business in Syria. We have no interest in Syria”.
“If there was a real reason for us to go to war, Americans would be behind it!”

He might feel different about the Muzzies if they 
were lining up on the border to his state.

Not just him, but me too, maybe, if they were lining up on the border.

But they are not yet lining up on the border to his state or mine. Well, Savage does talk loud about borders and he’s probably mentioned the possibilities of bad guys coming across.

But that’s also the point. Ron Paul said it pretty good. Order the troops home to protect the borders already! We cannot afford any more of these foreign interventions that turn into decades-long drains on the economy.

Why isn’t Saudi Arabia doing something besides a part of their royal family financing ISIS affliates in Syria? Let them take care of the problem.

The US created this ISIS problem in the first place, anyway. Stop picking American’s pockets for war machine profits already!

If they or you cared about “the Muzzies” you’d be supporting the Christians and you’d stop giving them an excuse to behead Christians.

Remember, our biggest enemy right now is not some gang in the Middle East, it’s the gang that’s in Washington, D.C. that wants to power to round up all the conservatives and Christians and libertarians and send them in trains to special camps where they teach rebellious subjects how to love Big Brother.

THEY are the BIGGEST enemies. And the bankers at the Fed who are running the dollar as fast as they can where they can push Granny (formerly known as Miss Liberty) off the cliff.


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