“Unsung heroes of freedom”

Marc J. Victor wrote about the “unsung heroes of freedom”:

After promising to change course from his Republican predecessors, Attorney General Holder then endeavored to become the worst Attorney General in American history with no regard whatsoever or even total disdain for civil liberties and due process. Attorney General Holder apparently supports indefinite military detention of Americans, Presidential kill lists, unjustified seizures, warrantless surveillance of Americans, extrajudicial “national security letter” subpoenas of personal information, harassment or worse for government whistleblowers, and nullification of Miranda Rights.

However, all the aforementioned disgusting transgressions against civil liberties and due process pale in comparison to arguably the most un-American and egregious statement ever uttered by any lawyer. During a speech given at Northwestern University School of Law on March 5, 2012, Attorney General Eric Holder declared, “The Constitution guarantees due process not judicial due process.”

“Without judicial due process, there is no process.” Administrative (executive) “due process” simply means autocracy. They have a list of suspects, they go down the list and decide who’s guilty and who’s not guilty. (That’s a process, isn’t it?)

Later, Marc writes:

Many of our fellow Americans seem content or even pleased with the ever encroaching police state. Too many people only support freedom when others use their freedoms in ways they personally approve. I refer to those people as “freedom wimps.” To me, supporting freedom includes the requirement of tolerating the fact that competent adults have a right to use their freedoms in any way they choose so long as they are peaceful. It matters not that I personally disagree with their peaceful choices.

It has been said that people get the government they deserve. I think that is appropriate and fair. The only problem is the rest of us who advocate for a free society will also be stuck with the government “they” deserve too. Unless and until we succeed at winning hearts and minds for freedom, we will not ever again be able to honestly refer to ourselves as the “land of the free.” I wonder what John Adams and Thomas Jefferson would think about America not being the land of the free.


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