The many hairdos of Hillary Clinton; World-government cliques getting pushback


Gary North: The days of FDR and LBJ are over.

Obama has been able to do a lot, but we got eyes on him. The big boys before were able to do a lot of dirty stuff outside perception, that’s done.

The same Internet that helped the Statists take down Todd Aiken helped Americans face off with the BLM over the Bundy ranch. BLM still got the other dozens of ranchers pushed out, but one man inspired blowback against Reid’s dirty tricks and the entire might (faith and credit) of the federal government.

Lots of local sheriffs are swearing with the Oath Keepers to uphold the Constitution but accept donations of military-grade equipment from Homeland Security. And their SWAT teams still help enforce unconstitutional federal drug laws that has no constitutional authority.

Just like Reagan’s communication style and his message resonated, when he killed the “Fairness Doctrine” he opened up talk radio to uppity “right wingers” and maybe a couple of libertarian-minded voices and people got wind of more current events education.

Now comes Internet media and leftist papers are dying. MSNBC has a small and dwindling audience but they are now a laughingstock. CNN is caught in stupidities in the bright sunlight, like sticking a “Christian fundamentalist” label on an atheist monster before they had a clue, the one that killed all those people in that Christian youth camp in Norway.

Hondurans saw the Great One, the small-“a” messianic antichrist that Oprah WInfrey was waiting for, for what he was when he told Honduras to put the leftist dictator back in power. Muslims thought he was one of them, and maybe he is, but they see that he is either complicit or powerless to stop the drones from hitting them in their own lands and killing civilians. like Malala Yousafzai told Obama to his face. She told him those drones are multiplying the numbers of the terrorists because of all the civilians they are killing.

Lots of Muslims that just want to live in peace are seeing that he is empowering the worst of them.

Guy showed me something the other day. In panel one, Obama saying no country can tolerate a rain of missiles falling down on them. In panel two, he’s saying, Except Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, they don’t have a problem with it.


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