Answering Paul Craig Roberts at Daily Bell

It is delusional to think that Russia is free from the same hegemonic shenanigans as the USA. After all the same elites have controlled the rulers in the Soviet Union and the USSA through the 20th into the 21st centuries. Did the puppets of that same clique just give up Russia to altruistic servants all of a sudden? Every one of the several very high-level Russian intelligence defectors that I have heard about have said that Russian military schools have always taught that the first strike wins a nuclear war and that Russia must deliver it.

Even as he has the more “righteous” stances in these confrontations, Putin still declares publicly that he thinks the Glasnost and Perestroika days and the dissolution of the Soviet Union were major disasters, and of course whether said or not, he and his fellows mean to correct it.

Present two faces to the world, pretend that either one is played against the other, offer the masses two sides to take, wind it up, then let it spring into action.

I agree that war is coming between the powers, but to say Hugo Chavez just wanted to protect his people from American oppression? Really Mr. Roberts? Lincoln may have been a tyrant and he should know, but he said “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of them all of the time.”

He told Michael Savage that Russia has no territorial aspirations whatsoever, just angelically protecting themselves. They are the “good guys” in the Ukraine thing, the USSA started it, but they are also not sinless. Christians do appreciate their toleration there, it’s better than in the US now it seems like. But taking a more realistic approach.

Latin Americans don’t even buy into Chavez good, US bad. Maybe Rossi was right and the economic hitters wanted to bring Chavez and his regime down, but sometimes even God uses even the Devil to punish evil. One bad guy to punish another, and on occasion to administer discipline to good guys to nudge them back to the straight and narrow.

The main power elites want a war to build on the rubble. They are impatient with the slow destruction of their socialist moles in power circles, even with the help of moles among Islamists, so they engage in pirate activity as did the Ayn Rand pirate in Atlas Shrugged.


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