Buchanan on Cold War Hype

Sometimes Pat Buchanan hits a good one..

I like the way he puts current “crises” in historical context, giving them better perspective. I don’t always agree with everything but he makes much more sense than most “conservatives” that have the blessing of Big Corporate and Crony Media (That includes Fox News by the way, from which he is generally conspicuously absent). By the way, the Dems are joining McCain in calling for a new Cold War, though not as loudly, because they play partisan politics (meaning power politics) more faithfully than Repugnants.

One paragraph in his article helps mitigate the neocon warmongers’ caricatures of Putin:

He allows U.S. overflights to Afghanistan, cooperates in the P5+1 on Iran, helped us rid Syria of chemical weapons, launches our astronauts into orbit, collaborates in the war on terror and disagrees on Crimea and Syria.

In many ways, Putin is acting more sensibly than the USSA in other ways too. Government schools do not have any official ban on Bibles, and many education directors are inviting distribution of them, for example. They didn’t quite manage the transition to hybrid markets (part free market, part central planning) managed by a central bank as well as the Chinese.

Brits have told me that the movie Braveheart jump-started the somnolent modern separatist movement in Scotland. In the same way, I suspect some post-Cold-War movies (1990s) like the movie Air Force One, in fact, may have “plowed the ground” in Russia for Putin’s parliamentary successes.

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