The hot Twitter pics and posts from the world’s greatest high school math teacher

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The actual photos and tweets of the 23-year-old high school math teacher who posted half-nude photos of herself, called a student jail bait and chatted freely about getting high have found their way back online.

The website has published a cache of McKinney’s now-legendary tweets, such as, “I live a double life. Teacher by day, stoner/raver/rager by night.”

Her Twitter bio read, “Stay high. Stay drunk…Mile High City,” notes KMGH-TV in Denver.

School officials at Overland High School in Aurora, Colorado placed the teacher, Carly McKinney, on administrative leave yesterday after a local television station publicized the raunchy contents of her Twitter page. The first-year math teacher’s Twitter account, CarlyCrunkBear (@crunk_bear), disappeared soon after the report.

Students at Overland High who believe McKinney’s treatment is unfair have taken to Twitter themselves in protest. They are using the hash tag “#freecrunkbear,” reports KUSA-TV, the NBC affiliate that broke the story.

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