Veterans Administration whistleblowers

I’m watching CSpan. It’s a panel of four Veterans Administration whistleblowers testifying on the situations they’ve seen. The Dems on the Congressional side are acting all alarmed about it.

The whistleblowers are three medical doctors and another employee. One of them blatantly said he wanted them to make it an at-will workplace, because there are these high-level management positions that don’t care about the veterans. A Dem Congressman on the panel tried (nicely hehe) to get him to say he would want some protections against summary firing, protection for such as a whistleblower situation, but this Dr. Matthews said he would rather think about what the veteran would want.

Retaliation is already apace. One of them was removed from a managerial seat in his psychiatry section.

One of them complained about do-nothing inspectors-general, negative reports they’ve seen that don’t appear on the web site where those reports appear at the discretion of the IG. There are enough positive reports.

Two are what they call “African-Americans”, one is a woman, and the other one is of obvious East-Indian descent.

The Congressman asked what to do, that “some” of our colleagues want to make it easy right now to fire somebody.


Acting like this is some management problem. One of the doctors is delusional. When they asked for suggestions on what to do, one of them said “leadership”. This means he does not have a clue for a solution.

That’s because he is apparently one of those who cannot see any solution that does not involve more government. Leadership?

The problem is the government. The government, ANY government, is NEVER part of any good long-term solution to anything. Sure they can make life better materially for awhile for their pet projects, telling us the projects are for us, but in the long run, they just suck the blood from economic activity.

Gary North is right. Central planning has no way to know what people will want. The state just robs what it needs from its peons and peasants and the kings extort tribute from some of the more prosperous nobles. But they over-produce product X and under-produce product Y, and the result is a two-block two-hour line in Venzuela for ONE roll of toilet paper. And that in an oil-rich country.

The solution is exactly what many veterans are doing. They have just started going to get their medical care elsewhere. This is a disaster for statists and tyrants. They want their victims to take it.



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