What’s on Spanish-language network about the kids’ flood at border

Wife (from Honduras) says they broadcast a quick interview with a woman coming from Central America at the US border. They asked her why she came (a mother) now. She said we heard what Obama said, he wouldn’t send us back.

Obama sent Biden to tell the Central American countries to stop the flow. Orlando (in Honduras) has already done that. (He says he doesn’t want them hurt). (I should say, as much as they can)

Before all that, Honduras’ president sent a diplomatic message to the US asking them to find any parents that are in the US that had their kids sent this way, when they found those parents, to just send back the kids with the parents, that no parent should have their kids sent with coyotes that way, it’s an abuse.

There’s probably now several thousand kids that have disappeared into the organ transplant black market.

In other news from Honduras, the “word on the street” is that they are arresting gang members and “maleantes” (bad guys) by the hundreds.


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