Cape Coral, Florida, wants to evict woman for living off the grid

Where are the “greens” to protect this woman living off the grid and 100% solar power?

After navigating the bureaucratic health care system for her husband who had a neurological problem, and after his passing, she decided to get rid of everything she could do without. She decided she could live without the water and electricity services.

After an interview on a local station, the city posted a notice to evict her. And now *she* has to prove her innocence to avoid this punishment of confiscation of her property. Taxes are up to date, she apparently owes nothing to the city. This is not equal protection under the law, this is an executive action of seizure without even any search, much less a warrant.

She now has to prove she can live in a healthy way without those services? As if there was not one healthy abode in all of America before water piping came from the city works came to the countryside and before Nicolas Tesla lit up the World’s Fair?


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