What’s wrong with witchcraft and witch hunts? Christians are the major victims of them.

In modern times, and times past, Christ has been defamed  through the device of attacking self-proclaimed “Christians” acting like power-mad human-sacrificing pagans. Bible-believing Christ-sharing Christians have been the biggest victims of witch hunts and heresy trials of *nominal* Christians. History is full of examples of this, of whom Martin Luther is only the best known of tens of thousands.

But now, it has become cultural heresy to tell the truth about witchcraft. I oppose anybody breaking down your door because you’ve been accused of witchcraft, but the truth is still the truth. There are those who “dabble”, but like the three kids in Mexico who were thrown around and abused by “demonic” forces while playing with a Ouija board, they are dabbling with things they know nothing of.

One repentant Satanist said that Satan doesn’t bother much with atheists and intellectually unmovable agnostics because they’re already in his pocket.

Most Satanists pretend to be just another somebody just like us.

Witchcraft is just like government enforcer positions and political office. They draw in people seeking a cheat for more power over other people. That’s true also for many clerical positions. But remember, Elmer Gantry gets the press, but there are thousands, even millions, of little unsung versions of Mother Theresa and Underground Railroad abolitionists who just want to help people, to share God’s blessings and Christ’s salvation from death and hell.



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  1. elijah1757 Says:

    One tactic of covert persecution of targeted individuals involves organized gang stalking. This subtle yet extremely intense psychological, environmental, and often times physical assault by way of modern technological weapons referred to as DEW (directed energy weapons) involves a group of conspiring neighbors and community members to unleash a campaign of slander, sabotage, and stalking intended to destroy the persons psyche and ultimately his/her life.

    Ultimately, even friends and family are coerced into the attacker group which seems to fulfill the prophetic statements of Jesus foretelling that our enemies would be members of our own families.

    The complexity of this activity is vast but suffice it to say that in the shadow of the Nazi police state and the cooperation of many naive ‘citizen informants,’ this modern-day, community-based bullying and intimidation — perhaps perfected in the Dark Ages and Inquisitions of the Catholic Church — is the oppression of the unseen hand of corrupted governments and a spiritually bankrupt society.

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