Assad and Syrian Christians

I never heard about Assad being Christian, but Alawite.

I heard a testimony some years back about a movie that a Christian work had made. The movie was about Paul, starting with his transformation, and gave importance to his time in Syria that made such a big impact on the world. Assad himself was pleased with this role of Syria’s land in Christian and world history and authorized its screening in all the theaters in Syria.

Had to make a bunch of people angry I would suppose.

Same ol’ same ol. When they report that there is inter-sectarian violence in Indonesia or elsewhere, rest assured it’s almost always just Muslims attacking Christians.

And this “civil war” in (Christian) South Sudan, that got its independence after ten years of struggle that started when Muslims from farther north began killing Christians in the south, wiping out entire villages (although once they killed a pastor’s family but left him alive after burning out his eyes), and general ethnocide.

People sometimes are surprised when I tell them about Obama’s intervention in Honduras in favor of the Chavez pick for lifetime boss. East and West are orchestrated from a conductor clique that wants to rule the world. It’s getting more and more visible as time goes on and the Internet enables alternative media.

But even Old Old Media has to admit that Assad has the support of Christians in Syria:
Of course they repeat the accusations that Assad’s Army used chemicals, but at least with the disclaimer that they don’t see any of the “evidence”. Of course they also omit the evidence that it was Syrian rebels using chemicals, and that there is also evidence that the chemical attack was pre-arranged with help from unspecified US actors in a plan to use it for the excuse they wanted to wage war on Syria.

Meantime, ALL chemical weapons are now gone from Syria, according to offical sources of the West, and massive stockpiles in the United States remain, in the only country that ever dropped a nuclear bomb on a city. Maybe they just got a few more?

It’s a miracle of God’s protection that the villagers of Maaloula are still alive after being on-again off-again occupation by the West-supported “rebels”.

In Christian media are reports of the rebels shouting “Die Christian dog!” as they kill them, and massacres and rapes of Christians wherever they encounter them.

Signs of the times.


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