The illegal entrant children wave, drugs, and Joe Biden’s arrogant lecturing at Central American presidents

Wife met a lady just arrived from Honduras a few days ago.

She said the president sent envoys to tell Obama that if any “undocumented” parents in the States that paid for coyotes to get kids across the border, to reunite them and sent them immediately back to Honduras, blasting the idea that any parent would be so irresponsible and risk their children like that.

At the same time the NYT article says he’s been rebuking the US for such high consumption causing so much violence down there, something I’ve said forever and amen. It also said the “families” (I think it’s mostly wives and kids) at the borders are telling agents that they heard that they were giving out permits to families. The US is blaming cartels for spreading this rumor to help the coyote business, but I think it has to do with Obama saying they wouldn’t send back kids crossing alone. And a lot of migrants are asking for political asylum for the violence down there.

Wife told me he had requested the radar planes they use to catch drug traffickers, so Honduras could work on killing the traffic thru there, and the USA said no. Let me fix that: Obama said no. My son studying there says the streets have a much safer feel these days with this president.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden had a meeting in Guatemala to see how they could work on stopping this immigration wave. Gave them a lecture about improving their economies. The presidents of Guatemala and El Salvador were there and Mexican sent envoys. Juan Orlando (Honduras) snubbed him and went to Brazil instead (for the World Cup, where by the way, Biden was seen earlier).

Ha. Biden should lecture presidents down south on golfing off (oops, I mean goofing off) while international crises are going on?

I think maybe Biden’s just miffed because Obama told him to go to Central America.

The US denying those anti-narco planes to Honduras must irritate. The new president immediately invited DEA to work with the Honduras enforcement and they soon shut down some big guys, including the Number One guy in Honduras. I’ll bet Juan Orlando doesn’t trust the Americans fully.

DEA shot up some villagers on a boat from a helicopter, and the leftists are playing up the propaganda value.

People need to get educated RIGHT NOW about freedom, so they’ll know what’s REALLY going on when the dollar collapse storm arrives…

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