Powers That Be: While they send us to oblivion, where is their own Shangrila?

The Powers That Be think they have their own Galt’s Gulch things going. They have something going somewhere, secret fortresses. Remember Shangri-la? That’s an old idea they have going among themselves, looks like to me. Good entertainment story for the masses, coupled with plans communications to their brothers-in-arms. Help socialism along instead of educating the masses, send out pirates and steal stuff from supposedly bad guys, set up your own protection. Wait for society to collapse, and then they’ll come begging somebody to tell them what to do. That’s the story.

They’re already using different words for the same things they’ve done before. They don’t call it a “dictatorship of the proletariat” anymore. Because everybody knows the Soviet Union (now North Korea) was a dictatorship of the party bosses. We have the same thing, party bosses decide, but now we call it “democracy”. Rigged elections in LEFTIST dictatorships let these mini-Stalins claim they’re “democratic”. Confuse the public. Now the public thinks “democracy” is “loot for the masses”.

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