Governments protected slavery, they didn’t stop it

Remember, it was GOVERNMENTS that enforced slavery in the first place. The government mandated that escaped slaves be returned to their un-rightful owners, and with Dred Scott they nationalized the legality of government-enforced slavery wherever governments enforced it.

To preserve the global goals of the powers-that-be, Lincoln at first proposed a constitutional amendment to make slavery legal forever, so as to “preserve the union”, so he said. The end goal of the global cliques was already to preserve the union for eventual destruction. And here they go.

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  1. Todd Topolski Says:

    Just look at history. Just about every problem in the world is caused by government. Pick the era or country, pick the problem and somewhere at the core is some politician or priest, chieftain, warlord or thug causing it. Name it, racism, genocide, war, atrocities of all kinds and of course slavery all can be traced back to some group of cretins calling themselves in charge and finding every excuse possible to justify their actions. Even here in America, the US government kept slavery around, added segregation, even had internment camps during WWII for japanese americans, all based on so called laws, of which not a single one of these laws was valid. The court cases returning a slave, or upholding segregation, moving japanese people to camps(prison) were also never valid. And consider how the US and other governments demand we all must “understand” certain cultures as they rape, pillage, enslave and genocide around the world. The only “understanding” the people of the world need to realize it is the world political class of every country which is ultimately the problem. They collectively are either causing suffering, justified by their laws or they allow suffering to occur by justifying inaction in the only job they really have, protecting the individual freedom of every single person.

  2. trutherator Says:

    That’s right Todd. Like the sign on Ron Paul’s desk in Congress office: “Dont’ steal. The Government hates competition”.

    It could have read. “The Mafia should disband. The Government hates competition”.

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