The laws of Moses did not establish any rulers at all. In fact rulers were illegal  by “Thou shalt not steal”. “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” Those who had to put up their properties to fulfill a debt recovered the property about every fifty years. But there was no lack of rules, most of them meant to benefit the obedient. When they began disobeying those rules was when other surrounding kings conquered them.

They did not need a standing army. When some enemy forced tribute and eliminated the blacksmiths by law so they could not make swords, some farmer (they were almost all farmers) would get a “call”, like Gideon and several more. They would then call for volunteers, form an army, and drive out the oppressors. This lasted several hundred years after they occupied the land until a generation came that demanded a king.

With a king, they had a ruler, and most of them treated the rules the same way as today’s presidents. They ruled like monarchs. One king even destroyed all the copies of the “rulebook” he could find in all the land. Later on, a priest discovered the rulebook during the rebuilding of the temple, hidden in a wall. The king proclaimed the rulebook again. Such is the fate of all kingdoms and rulers. (Gotta quote it: God setteth up one and putteth down another”, or the atheist version, “Kings and empires come and go.”)

Today we get Doublespeak interpretations from our rulers. Instead of trying to destroy all the rulebook copies they are trying to fool us with counterfeits.



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  1. Todd Topolski Says:

    I would have to disagree. The laws of moses are establishment of rules forced on others and all of them used by everyone from the father or mother of a family to kings to priests and anyone else as justification to murder, enslave and commit other crimes. The only “rule” to inderstand is every single person is unalienable free. You dont need a law about thou shalt not steal, because if everyone respects unalienable freedom, there is no condition where a person thinks they can steal. However as a law of moses, though shalt not steal or murder or the others, some cleric or tribal leader or king can come along and steal or murder but its not called these because they claim to be enforcing the laws of moses on behalf of some god. So the laws of moses are just like any other governmental system. They remove the concept of individual unalienable liberty and replace them with a set of so called laws, which provides the foundation for a political system to then commit crimes against individuals all in the name of the Law. I will also point out the first 3 so called laws of moses are the worst ones for providing a clerics and kings justification for committing any atrocity all in the name of those first three totally open to interpretation laws of moses. Better to simply state all people are free individually and cant give themselves any sort of control over other people. But no country or religion can have this because it ensures the government or religion itself also cant control a person or take everything from him

  2. trutherator Says:

    Throughout history, anything and everything can be used as an excuse “to murder, enslave and commit other crimes”. In fact, enslaving a free man is explicitly banned in the laws of Moses. Theology degreed teachers skip that part, they multiply condemnation to themselves by teaching their students that slavery was somehow condoned.

    Almost all the verses in modern translations that use the word “slave” show their ignorance of the book they claim to know. If you look at context, the King James Bible gets it right using “servant”. Most of it concerned rules for contracts to pay for debts. The best way to pay debts in the agrarian society was working the farm. And even there, the Torah provided for a regular forgiveness of all debts every 50 years, with complete restoration to one’s property.

    The truth is, however, during that period, there were rules but no rulers. No kings, no cops, no SWAT, no dungeons, no prisons, no arbitrary and capricious rule, no standing army, no palaces to support, until they demanded a king.

    And there were two rules above all others, like Jesus told the legalistic Pharisees. The first one, to love God with all your heart, soul, and mind, and the second (“like unto” the first), to Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself.

    If your actions are contrary to the second, then you’re a lying identity thief if you do it with the excuse of following the “laws of Moses”.

    NO tribal leader or king ANYWHERE can claim the Bible or the laws of Moses or the Biblical God to justify theft or unjust killing.

    But anyway, a King is condemned outright in just the ten commandments: Thou shalt not steal.

    Clergy, faithful, and the unfaithful alike misinterpret Jesus’ answer to the question of whether to pay taxes, for example, forgetting his Golden Rule of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

    Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, to God what is God’s. No Caesar has any Biblical mandate to steal, nor any clergy has any blessing to steal by fraud either.

    There is no divine right of kings, no divine right of committees or technicians, no divine right for majorities or for representatives. None.

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