State of the military

When a nation turns its back on God, as this one did in the 1950s and 1960s, and rejects the love of the truth, God gives up when its cup of iniquity is full. And now they’re doing their best to push Christianity out of the Armed Forces.

So now, the commanders-in-chief, with loyalties outside their own subjects but to the forces in the shadows building toward their NWO and the alliances.

The military has been used far too much as an Army for mercantile interests here. Like putting down Gaddafi at all costs to protect the dollar, the Federal Reserve destroyers of the economy, and Wall Street. Like Iraq because they stopped accepting the dollar for oil. (If they did it for oil, where is that oil, and if they can screw over the tree-huggers so easy then why don’t they open up the domestic gushers?)

But that’s nothing new either. The problem with trusting government with education is that it is always a pro-state indoctrination. Like it took the Internet to find out the extent of some of the brutal orders they had to carry out against the Indians, against the Japanese-Americans in WW2, and so on.

..So now Americans are tired of war, even the good recruits are, tired of endless mercantile adventures anyway.

So now Obama is also keeping his promise made in 2009 to create a domestic security force (read: Police State) equal in funding and resources to the military, by building up all the federal enforcement agencies (there’s about a 100 of them), and merging local and state police in Fusion centers with lots of incentives and “terror” funding and military-grade weaponry. Oh yeah, there’s the Null Security Assholes.


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