Snakes disrupting order seeking power again in Honduras

The discredited former dictator of Honduras Manuel Zelaya is up to the old tricks again. He instigated the followers in his party, “Partido Libertad y Refundaction” (Party of Liberty and Reconstruction), which has nothing to do with liberty, has shown it is more about destruction and power than it is about rebuilding anything:

By golly, the throne was his, the country is his fiefdom, and he wants it back.

The protest was over wanting to get their own lackeys into the Electoral Commission, that organizes the elections as an independent branch of government that only has power to organize and supervise them and nothing else. They faced an alliance of the two major parties, the Partido Nacional and the Partido Liberal, who arranged their votes in the same way every other republic does.

They were yelling and insisting on their demands and disrupted the Congress until they had to bring in police forces to restore order inside and outside. These purported Congressmen were breaking windows and tearing up the furniture, and began throwing things at the police and brazenly fighting them.

Of course the guy who wanted to be dictator and his wife who was the presidential candidate in last year’s elections, they are accusing the current president of running a “military” [sic] dictatorship. The only way he will call it democracy is if he is president for life, as he promised others in government when he was president.

No wonder their is resistance against another episode of dictatorship at the hand of Manuel Zelaya. He tried to consolidate his power in 2009 with the help of the farce of a referendum, with the counts already made up and waiting in computers stored secretly in an office owned by the State Department.

The Secretary of State under Zelaya was of course Patricia Rodas. Most Hondurans regard her as the brains of the caudillo government of Zelaya, because others who were fellow students of his say that he was regarded as the dimmest bulb in the class.

I told other expats living in Honduras or in the US, that this gang would not just go away after constitutional order was somewhat restored in 2009. Kudos to Honduras for standing up against the Yanks and the Reds both, and their demands to submit to the fascist/socialist New World Order.

What most history books will not show but that did happen in 2009 and the aftermath is that Honduras standing up against tyrany changed history in Latin America. Over the long run it is difficult to know exactly how things are going to play out, whether Vladimir Lenin’s plan will hold to turn the whole continent to socialism.

But after Hondurans stood against demagogues and social injustice, things happened. The president of El Salvador, of the party formed from the former guerrilla movement, said the nation was backing off from joining the Chavez petro-imperialist union of Petro-Caribe. Later on, Paraguay’s elected Congress impeached and convicted the leftist president of doing the same things the would-be dictator in Honduras attempted to do there.

Among other things, people are finding information on the Internet. it is important beyond measure to keep the Internet as free as it is right now. Of course the politicians and rulers (aka thieves in disguise) are looking for ways to control it.


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