Is it human, or isn’t it?!

This is my reaction to a Reason article defending “guilt-free” voluntary abortion:

“We understand that a fetus at, say, 10 weeks is very different than one at 20 or 30 weeks”

What we “understand” is that a fetus that you can look at of 20 or 30 weeks looks a lot more human.

But if you go frame by frame backwards from 20 weeks in 24 hour intervals, it’s not only NOT “very different”, it’s very much the SAME. The *reason” being, that it IS the same creature there, the same human creature.

Is a caterpillar not the earlier stage of a butterfly??

Here in the days of “Reason”, when people who think themselves “reasonable”, have no trouble imagining that eukaryotes and prokaryotes, in their own mature “adult” stages, are their own ancestors, it is most laughingly unreasonable to reject thinking of the youngest of human creatures as if they are only what, wait, part of the mother’s own body??#@!! This is “reason”?

Take a DNA sample from the little pre-tyke. Only HALF that DNA came from the mother, and HALF from the father, and I’ll bet you donuts to dollars that the resulting epigenetics will express the inherited motherly genes differently than in the mother’s body.

Hell’s bells, with much frequency, we know that on occasion the baby’s blood and the mother’s blood are even *different types*!

How is that the same “body”? It’s one body inside another.

I saw one comment by a self-professed witch who was at least more honest in the acknowledgement that it was a little human, but justified killing it by calling it a parasite.

Shame on libertarians who are NOT Nazis in general but who do the same thing in an arbitrary situation, and simply say it’s okay to kill a certain class of human being because it’s not a human being.

As much as pro-abortion defenders want to convince themselves, there’s a reason mothers feel guilty when they let their fathers and their boyfriends hustle them into doing what the maternal instinct screams out at them is wrong.

You don’t have to be a Christian to oppose prenatal infanticide. In fact, most of the time I’ve heard Christians talking about it even on the Establishment Christianity media (whom are mostly despicable in their neo-con opinions), the arguments are secular in nature:

It’s just a little easier to see clearly on some issues for somebody who really believes in a just God that will require a little bit of TRUE reasoning, some good *logical* reasoning for their ethical choices.

As to guilt, Christ offers the *only* guilt-free answer to post-abortion syndrome. After all, he said, “I came not to condemn the world”, and there is also Isaiah 1:18:

“Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.”



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