Biblical Christianity is Fact Based

Chrome Fusion:

Ian Juby of the Genesis Week series interviewed Dr. Jeffrey Tomkins, who has done detailed research into genomes, DNA and so on. He analyzed the claim of chromosome fusion, and the evidence presented for it, that Darwinians use to explain how humans evolved to 46 chromosomes from their purported ape ancestors who today all have 48 chromosomes.

Dr. Tomkins talks a lot here about it and shares a lot of facts, and how the claims of fusion do not line up with the details in the facts.

I’ll repeat here, blind faith alone has no place in Christianity. Christianity is eyes=wide-open, brain-fully-engaged, fact-based faith, just like you know the sun will “arise”, as we say it, over the horizon tomorrow morning —even if you don’t see it with your eyes.

Christianity as expressed in the Bible –as opposed to mouthings of mere mortals– is a faith grounded in real-world facts, and both corroborates and is corroborated by experience, science, archaeology, and documented history.


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