Electronic voting has been proven to steal elections

My response to coming across an news video on RT from October 2012, just before the elections of course.

Like the man said, voting fraud exists, even if Obama denies it when even some Democrat Party politicians have lost to it. But Dems are users of it, don’t let anybody use the party card on you. Both parties are full of corruption and fraud, and they’ve all collaborated in making a lot of that “legal”.

Anyway, I yelled to the rooftops to everybody around me and still do, when Congress passed those stupid laws after the 2000 election giving free money to anybody who would “modernize” voting. They propagandized the Florida counting as a “debacle” and ridiculed “hanging chads” but those hanging chads and all that open-air counting was much better than hiding the counting inside electronic bits.

It might seem counter-intuitive for me, software engineer, to demand ALL-paper ballots and ALL-paper counting and ALL-paper recounts, but that is MUCH more reliable and safe for voting. I even did standby for support for one county’s elections as one of the programmers working for the company that had sold them the software to count it.

Somebody from Canada once said they had all-paper counting at the voting locations, with anybody watching that wants to, and results called in to a central location and the nation has them counted in a few hours.

But it was paper ballots, with counts marked on sheets, the sheets brought in to county offices, and the tallies passed through data entry (with another blind-verification pass) into the software. That’s where I might keep it.

Just watch. All those election officials that defend those machines say that they have to “restore the public’s confidence” in fair and honest elections. I don’t remember any of them say they’re trying to make sure the elections are fair and honest.

Activist Bev Harris has been all over this problem forever. Search on “black box voting bev harris”. If you don’t use this gal’s name, both of them, you’ll get fluff.



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