Pope condemns inequality, praises his own heirarchy


It’s an ugly unflattering caricature of the Pope at reason.com, and I sharply disagree with their apparent atheistic editorial slant, but they are spot on in the first paragraph at least:

The Pope waded into the debate raging over the Piketty book with his tweet: “Inequality is the source of social evil.”

Donkey Hotey.CreativeCommons.FoterThis is a rich statement coming from the head of the most hierarchical organization on the planet.

Shikha, Dalmia, goes on to highlight the difference between the inequality in America and the West, from inequality in India.

Setting aside that irony, there isn’t much evidence for the Pope’s claim that inequality in America and the West is all that evil. In poor countries like India, it’s another matter, suggesting that not all inequalities are equal

The poor in the U.S. still are wealthier by many standards than the middle class elsewhere. I was a missionary for a couple of decades, and I’ve seen cardboard shacks. In New York, they have more shelter space than takers except in record freezes.

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