Evolution is made-up fairy tale

There is no forensic fossil evidence for that, only just-so stories that change every few years. All the “hominid” fossils would fit in the back of a (small) pickup truck. Half the “hominid” fossil finds after Darwin were fakes and phonies. They still put Hoeckel’s proven fraudulent drawings in the biology textbooks. Piltdown man was taught in my high school thirty years after it was proven a fraud. Nebraska man, used in the media to ridicule Creation, as if, was shown to be three pigs’ teeth not human and found scattered in a stream. A German natural museum curator said they should dress up the Cro-Magnon display with a suit because he was just as human as we are.

Even Stephen Gould made up his “punctuated equilibrium” story, because, he himself said, the paleontologists’ “trade secret” was and is that there is only equilibrium in the fossil forms, “as if it never happened”.

DNA with RNA and epigenetics, and the cell, each, cannot exist more than a few seconds without each other. DNA convinced the foremost philosophical and intellectual defender of atheism that there is a design and a God, after decades of preaching atheism.

So the fossils only show stable groups of similar kinds, according to Darwinians, they have to use frauds in the textbooks because they have no facts. DNA cannot live without cells, cells cannot live without DNA. DNA itself is a digitized computing machine, only it uses a code with four letters instead of two like our silicon. Darwinism is just a silly con.

And the facts are also that the anthropic principle also points to fine-tuning by someone who could do it.


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