Reputation of weakness, or rotten from the core?

The United States doesn’t have the “reputation of weakness”, is IS weak. It has been conquered from within by all the rot that we talk about on these page. The enemies of the nation are its leaders, who #1 have forgotten God,
#2 they are dishonest: Bush lied about the WMD’s so he could have a second war, Obama’s lies and his staff’s lies are innumerable for so many,
#3, they not only succumb daily to political pressures, like unofficial but legal payoffs and legal extortion #4, they have weakened our nation in as many ways as an enemy could think of: economically…
..a.. with fiat currency,
..b.. the Federal Reserve Bank,
..c.. regulatory strangulation,
..d.. the welfare-warfare state,
..a.. with a two-party cartel that runs the government and tries to strangle disobedient influences with hook and crook,
spiritually with blasphemous and occult “psychic waste” out of Hollywood and New York,

#6, responsibility? Truman’s famous desk plaque said “The buck stops here”, but ever since then it should say, “The buck stops nowhere, least of all here”…

#7. foreign influence? Rothschild’s agents infiltrated the banking industry this side of the pond, and set up the Fed at Jekyll Island, and now every punk dictator is able to provoke an invasion..

#8 Favors from nations? … USG is now seeking favor from every wind of pagan doctrine that flows in the effluent from the United Nations..

#9 Patriotism? ..The USG is doing everything an enemy agent would tell them to do to weaken before a fall…

#10 Thanksgiving to God? Nah, they think they sit a queen, and shall see no sorrow. They turned their backs on God from a long time ago, and the whirlwind has been reaped..

But remember, God is not mocked, Jesus rose from the dead and lives today, and we know how this all ends…


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