Is government imposed by force or not?

I was a “syndicalist-anarchist” in my college thinking years, and I came to it through my thinking. Shortly after leaving college i joined a rather maverick missionary movement. At this time I am completely anarcho-capitalist more than anything, based on non-aggression and Thou Shalt Not Steal. Marx was all about stealing from useful idiots and setting up a new fiefdom with a Ruling Class and a new Serf class.

Human nature is precisely one of the best best arguments against government, because the human nature of the people who would force its rules on you makes all those bad things worse.

And government, by definition, is imposed.

“Our arboreal ancestors” is an oxymoron, since we don’t have any such. Outside of that, I agree that the two-parent family (man and woman) has proven to be the best paradigm (or “least worst”?) for raising children.

There is no “innocently takes a neighbor’s belongings”, because every person has a “law written on their hearts”, like Paul said about people who never heard the Gospel. There is not one person who is innocent at theft, because watch what happens when you take some of his own!

“Thief” might be a legal terms somewhere, no matter, because we all know what it is. It’s someone who steals what is yours. Try learning Austrian economics and the homesteading principle, it will help understand.

“Thief” is not a word “invented by government”. It’s English. When the Jews moved into the Promised Land, they had the laws of Moses, but they did NOT have ANY government until they finally insisted on having a king. It was boom and bust ever after. Samuel warned them: A king is going to put grievous burdens of taxes on your back, and he will take your sons and send them off to war.

God is warning us to this generation. And since the Christians have been gullible and followed the world’s thinking so much, God has had to raise up some atheists and agnostics to help the “non-aggressive” Christians spread the message of non-aggression.


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