Thief, gang, guerrilla, government. Organized theft, all…

All government is imposed by force upon the population.

You steal from your neighbor, you’re a thief.

If you have a bunch of thieves working to together to rob people, you’re a gang.

If your gang gets really big and extorts wealth and resources and money from a wide geographical area competing for a an even bigger area, you’re a guerrilla army.

If your guerrilla “army” conquers an area and consolidates its power and repels other gangs and guerrillas by force successfully, you get to call yourself a government.

There was no “government” until somebody conquered somebody else and killed resistance, including the government that expelled the British during the “War of Independence”. The “Civil War” is taught as the time when the matter of who was boss was settled. It was a war of conquest. Emancipation does not excuse the matter at hand, that the forces that supported that conquest went on later to rob and extort us blind later.

As to the care of babies, the best you can do for them is to promote Biblical Christianity. Almost all cultures everywhere commonly practiced ritual and convenience infanticide, and then Christians in the first and second centuries began rescuing those babies.


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