Why Creationists and Libertarians WIn Debates

All of us have been soaked in anti-theistic views on everything all through our “religion-free-by-decree” indoctrination. We’ve gone from laws against teaching Darwin (Scopes) to commands to remove all reference to God as having anything to do with scientific perspective or reality.

Creationists like myself have that advantage. Libertarians have the same advantage. We already know the philosophies of the rulers’ indoctrinations. They surround us with them. My journey from atheism and socialism through science and reason took me to the real world as described more accurately in the Bible, in spite of the indoctrinations.

I accidentally once bought a book with essays compiled by a “scientist” and faithful (faith-filled) Darwinian, Ashley Montague. By admission, he had been roundly and soundly defeated in a debate with a Creationist (he did not say who in his intro to the book). Said admission was by way of the excuse that you can’t “explain” everything about evolution in a debate.

What he did not say is that Creationists and “Designists” (not the same in the least) always use lots of science in their debates, and most anti-creationists base most of their position on two legs: (1) criticisms of “faith” –as if their dogmas were not, and (2) predicting disaster.

According to Bill Nye’s reasoning, technology and science disappear from a land when everybody returns to the same beliefs that Isaac Newton had, along with the other greatest minds of 16th, 17th, 18th and most of 19th century science, and much of the blacklisted scientists of the 20th century too.

Yes, it’s that insane. What do we expect. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”.


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