Krugman gets $25,000 a month gig to address inequality

Krugman the Keynesian economist gets $25,000 a month gig to address inequality:

Remember he’s the guy that said “stimulating” the economy with funny money from the keystrokes on Federal Reserve computer keyboards to the amount of a half-billion in just one of the episode was not enough, they should have typed in another couple of zeros.

When Ron Paul’s bipartisan initiative finally got legislation passed the forced the disclosure by the Fed of the $16 trillion dollars they gave away during the 2008-2009 treasury looting party, much of it to European banks, Krugman did not back off, did not recant.

But he’ll take $25,000 a month for six months to teach about the “problem” of “inequality”.

But he doesn’t advocate lifting the tortuous weight of ruling mandates that block the small guy from doing business. He doesn’t protest the legislation that protects the banks and businesses that are “too big to fail”, that give a federal guarantee of “solvency” (haha) to the very biggest corporations in the country, at the expense of the subjects of this plutocratic regime.


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