If you warned me to avoid stepping into dogpile, does it mean you hate me?

If I tell you to avoid stepping into dogpile, do you call me hater?

If you are born with all the attributes of a swan, but you run with ducks and you think you are a duck, does that make you a duck? We had a dog that thought it was a human like the rest of the kids: should we share the delusion or continue considering the real world as it is? Is it hate to give him dog food?

If the physiology and the psychology clash, does reason repeal biological fact and substitute mental state?

For example, here I am battling to STOP government interference in the institution of marriage, and I am sick and tired of pastors invoking “by the power vested in me by the state of [my state], I now pronounce you man and wife”. Adam and Eve had no oppressive command government, no “pastor”, they were just man and wife. Period.

Then along come the Roman conquerors, the rulers of this and that, and decree who can marry. And now we have clamorings to share the homage to the state required by marriage laws.

Jesus told the woman “caught in adultery”, “Neither do I condemn thee. Go and sin no more”. The big emphasis should be on “neither do I condemn thee”. Like Paul said, some sins carry as a natural consequence their own judgments and punishments. Tyrants sow hate for themselves and become prisoners of paranoia like Stalin. They hate the religious because most religious doctrines demand allegiances outside the state. Tyrants like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Kim Il Sun, especially hate Christianity, because its believers are inspired by the history of a risen Christ and the power over death and hell, heaven and Earth, that it proved.

The tyrants also hate the natural nuclear family, of man, woman and children, which cultivates culture in a domestic home setting, a bulwark against indoctrination into allegiance to the state. Hillary Clinton in her college essays penned that marriage was like slavery. So she married a guy she could dominate, apparently. Posters in 1993 appeared: “Impeach the president and her husband too”

If your idea of hate means disagreement with you, and a reasoned perspective based on even science and nature, it’s a hateful idea itself.


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