Will Common Core include this in their history “guidelines”?

With the media liars saying Ron Paul did not win even one state, there were six or seven with the majority of delegates. Republican Party rules said five was enough to get submitted in nomination on the floor at the national convention:

But the national convention is national news. Ron Paul would have had an army of enthusiastic energized volunteers working for the election of Ron Paul in November. Ron Paul was the biggest threat to Obama’s reelection.

Party leaders knew this, and chose the boring establishment multi-millionaire Romney instead, handing the Democratic Party a gift-wrapped campaign issue, playing into left-fascist demagoguery.

I’m done with the two-party system, and maybe voting altogether. The alternative media forming around the Internet communication system is becoming ever more a hot potato for our rulers, exposing them.

The world is changing fast, but I don’t think these thieves and vipers will go down without fighting.


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