University Must Promote Christian Professor It Discriminated Against

University Must Promote Christian Professor It Discriminated Against:

On April 8 a federal court ordered the University of North Carolina-Wilmington to promote a Christian teacher it discriminated against to the position of full professor and to give him $50,000 in back pay he would have earned over the past six years. As reported earlier by The New American, in March a jury found that the school had retaliated against Dr. Mike Adams, a former atheist, because of his vocal Christian views.

The university hired Adams, who holds a Ph.D. in criminology, as an assistant professor in 1993, promoting him to associate professor five years later. Throughout that time Adams, who was an avowed atheist, received enthusiastic support and professional accolades from his colleagues — that is, until 2000, when his conversion to Christianity dramatically altered his views on political and social issues.

With that personal change came a marked alteration in the attitudes of his colleagues and the administration towards him. According to the civil case Adams filed against the university with the help of the conservative legal advocacy group Alliance Defending Freedom, Adams became the target of academic persecution led by a tag team of the feminist chairperson heading the university’s department of sociology and criminal justice — a campaign that culminated in Adams being denied a promotion to full professor, despite an award-winning record of teaching, research, and scholarly publication.

The UNC-Wilmington Cancellor Gary L Miller sent out an email expressing support for academic freedom and condemning censorship and retaliation, but the report says this was after the court order.

Very funny that the biggest mouths condemning the so-called McCarthy era blacklists and censorship have adopted the same practices, on Thought Police steroids..

And that after they have used McCarthy, even after his vindication with the Venona papers, to beat up on every critic of socialism and communism. And make jokes of people who call it like it is…

Even when I was an atheist I wanted the truth however it came packaged: open-minded, closed-minded, popular, maverick, whatever…


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