Reproductive rights baloney! Does Obamacare Require Coverage For Infertility Treatments?

Does the ACA cover infertility treatments?

The ACA does not require coverage for infertility treatments. The ACA does require coverage of essential health benefits and allows states to define essential health benefits by selecting a benchmark plan from current employer offerings. Coverage of infertility treatments are required only for plans sold in a state with a mandate, provided that it includes infertility coverage in its benchmark plan.

If you read on in the link above with its explanations, it seems that there are measures that push on the states to give up coverage for fertility treatment like IVF.

So the brilliant minds who shout about “reproductive rights” and complain about women’s rights to free contraceptives, including the four contraceptives that also cause prenatal infanticide (aka “abortion”), it seems they do not care about women who need fertility treatments in order to have children.

Enough said to expose the hypocrisy of the social engineers who tell the subjects what to think. So much for the undercover operatives spreading linguistic confusion to cover the crimes of a dictatorship.

Pro-lifers should shout this out from the rooftops.


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