Voter fraud proven

From Discover Networks, Voter Fraud & Voter ID Laws:

Nobody has an excuse to believe the new BIG lie, that requiring persons to verify that they are eligible to vote, and are not voting twice or more, is somehow wrong.

In every one of the Latin American countries where I’ve been, any suggestion that they stop requiring identification from voters would be met with uproarious laughter. To hear that such a proposal is taken seriously in the USA would be met with head-scratching and befuddlement.

It’s an idea from the land of upside down. The thing is that only people who want to push lots of voter fraud would want this. People who don’t care about a fair vote in reality.

Like the politicians who make the laws, and the judges who overturn them or enforce them according to whim.

One paragraph describes the numbers of people that Florida found on its rolls registered to vote that were dead or non-citizens, and one television crew themselves easily found a half-dozen non-citizens who had already voted, some in several elections:

Earlier in 2012, Florida election officials had identified some 53,000 still-registered voters who were deceased, and another 2,600 who were non-citizens. In fact, state officials estimated that the total number of non-citizens on Florida’s registered-voter rolls was as high as 182,000. Moreover, Secretary Detzner revealed that he and his staff had been refused access (by the Department of Homeland Security) to the federal database containing more up-to-date immigration and citizenship information.

Get that? 53,000 dead voters, and 2,600 not citizens, actually confirmed.

That 2,600 really, really irks me mad. My wife is now waiting for the citizenship application to work itself through, and has never voted in an election, not once, and yet here you have others possibly tilting elections.

Maybe the libertarians who say elections are useless are right. Certainly no one has any right to steal, or take property without agreement from its owner, or to force you to something against your will or to prevent you from engaging in voluntary contracts with others. Therefore no one has a right to delegate anyone else to do it.

This just exposes some high crimes, in something that looks like a conspiracy to make sure vote fraud is protected.

Certainly we should not be encouraging people to vote who know nothing about what they’re doing. Almost nobody really understands economics, for example, yet think they know enough to vote for people who don’t know any more than they do. Senator McCain is a lost babe in the woods in economics, and he admitted it in the 2008 debates when Ron Paul exposed him with a simple economic question.

I know more about economics than Mr. McCain, and half his constituency does too. And yet they ignorantly vote him in, because they get alternatives that are twice as bad!

Get this:

In June 2013, President Obama and his family vacationed in Africa. During their tour, the White House put out a Fact Sheet entitled “U.S. Support for Strengthening Democratic Institutions, Rule of Law, and Human Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa.” One of the first items highlighted which the White House highlighted was a $53 million program in Kenya designed to help young people “obtain National identification cards, a prerequisite to voter registration.” Said the Fact Sheet:

If ID is so bad among minorities, why isn’t the NAACP and Eric Holder’s DOJ trying to help them get it, since it is so vital in daily life today? They certainly are pushing for everyone to get health care insurance, their kind of insurance, and this will require lots of identification.

If they had made up a movie with politicians mouthing this stuff, it would be called “Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest”, or “Stupider than Idiocracy”…


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