Something about women

I actually learned something about women from a TV program yesterday.

Detectives are poking for evidence around a mother’s apartment.. One of them notes there are “only” four pairs of shoes in the closet… Geeky guy asks what’s the significance… First guy says women always more than four paris of shoes.

I have four pairs exactly… So I asked my wife about this. She has twelve.

She knows how many exactly, but she’s like that –notices all kinds of details. She has her employers dozen or so medications all memorized, plus their scientific names, plus what days of the week they’re for, and what time she has to take them. When she takes them to the doctor, she’s the one they ask about that…

I never paid attention to that before, though I remember thinking “No big deal” when they made such a big ruckus about Imelda Marcos having some 120 pairs of shoes…


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