Liberty and the ancients

From the article:

In sum, “The aim of the ancients was the sharing of social power among the citizens of the same fatherland: this is what they called liberty.

This is not true for all of them, even if for most of them or even almost all of them.

With all of the rules that the laws of Moses incorporated that we would find repulsive or “anti-liberty” today, each one was ruled by God individually and were expected to keep those rules, many of them (or most) on the “honor system”. I’ve read the whole thing, and there is absolutely NO provision there for any kind of standing government, taxes, police force, prison system, nothing.

When they were subjugated by a foreign power, like the Philistines, in those earliest days in the “Promised Land”, armies were raised by someone as inspired by God in some way, and those rulers expelled again, and then the armies were disbanded.

The priests and the “judges” were used in disputes, and in consensus by both parties involved or even by the offended party.


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