Klaffer v Bledsoe: The ACLU is right about this one


Even though the ACLU has stated on its web site its position that the Second Amendment means that only the government has the right to bear arms (hunh?), they are right about this Missouri man’s right to post a youtube criticizing the police officer who arrested him for refusing to give up his firearms.

After which the state judges stupidly refused to even allow into evidence the video that recorded the encounter about which the charges were filed in the first place!

It is this Missouri COP JERRY BLEDSOE that should be arrested for false arrest, kidnapping, and all that, since there is no statutory penalty (that I know of) for violating a person’s rights. But then they’d twist that one too.

It’s time to give up on the two-party two-headed political monster that wants to have its command-and-control state autocracy.


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