Ending the force monopolies of intellectual “property” hurts Communism…

Ending the force monopolies of intellectual “property” hurts Communism…

What a twist that libertarian defenders of governments enforcing censorship based on copyright and the nationalizing of permissions for manufacture, have the intellectual disconnect to talk about “intellectual communism”. Some years ago, the Soviet Communist cadres publicized some propaganda points in which they bragged about their own billionaires, such as movie directors, authors…

In the era of patents and secret military research, very often your countries’ enemies get your own countries’ technology before your countrymen do.

This here is to quickly debunk some ill-thought points that one author thought supported the idea that one inventor could steal the fruits of another inventor’s invention just because the first guy got to a government monopoly patent office first.

And that somebody can get royalties just for changing a few words for purported synonyms in translation of something like the Bible. (They don’t seem to bother much with Shakespeare, he doesn’t sell as much0.

1. Intellectual property is not bad due to patents, it’s bad due to the violation of the non-agression principle, and due to the requirement for some person or group acting as a dictatorship in each and every decision, and the impossibility of quantifying any kind of limits without arbitrary whim.

2. Most iInformation is something that is easily multiplied ad infinitum. Just look at the news cycle. “Did you hear…?” It’s only “scarce” because when monopoly suppresses it. Yep, censorship.

3. Information is “more efficiently produced in common”? That was a lame attempt to try to force it into the nasty word “communism”. Ha.

4. What does copying take away? A gang of monopoly enforcement officers who are paid to force people to stop doing something, or to rob them to give you money.


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