Ukraine’s new rulers agree to IMF subjugation (over Russia’s I guess)

First of all, the IMF “agreement” with the newly installed unelected government in Ukraine is nothing good for Ukraine. Any recovery will be superficial when they spend this money, mostly to fatten even more government official palaces. There will be no peace.

Since when has the Western war machine let us have a little bit of peace?

Neither Russia nor Ukraine are “economic role models”, but have you looked at the miserably corrupted American Congress lately? How about the Fed, helpless to stop its own destruction of the dollar and the economy, with their multi-trillion freebie bailouts for the corporate executives who have wasted our money on their own lavish lifestyles? How about Queen Michelle?

“Magates continue to benefit finanacially from their close association with top politicians”. Sounds like George Soros and a host of others, like GE’s chairman and Obama’s jobs czar and among the top beneficiaries of government subsidies. And Soros, who had his fingerprints all over the politics in Ukraine and Georgia (Asia) the past decade.

The IMF deal does not ditch entitlement thinking, it reinforces it. It’s been the political corrupter en grande after WW2.

Like Ron Paul said, Foreign aid robs the poor in rich countries to give to the rich in poor countries. But there’s always strings. But the strings benefit the rich.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss….


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