Romans 13 and the King James Bible

Note that my King James Bible is a scathing rebuke at the “divine right” of kings, no matter how much one speculates on the intentions and motives of the man for the hour, and your modern filthy-lucre-motivated, government-monopoly-protected, government-forced copyright-royalty supported modern translations do no better at “clarifying” the spirit of Romans 13 than the King James. James did not propose the idea anyway, it came from a Puritan.

Take a hint from some of the unique stamps of authority. One, you get an idea of what Romans 13 means from Romans 17 and 18 where GOD himself puts it in the heart of the ten kings who share power with the Beast himself, to burn the Great Whore with fire.

In another point dear to the hearts of Christian libertarians especially ancaps, is this word “servant”, correctly translated in the King James Bible. But in every one of the copyright-tainted NCC-influenced versions it is instead translated as “slave”. These modern books purport to use modern language, but in modern English the word “slave” refers to chattel slavery, where the slave is fully owned and has no more rights than a pig.

A clear reading of the context in the laws of Moses shows that the word “servant” does not mean “slave” AT ALL, but usually more like contractual work or restitution. Funny, the only time the word “slave” appears in the KJB is a contemptuous reference as a spoiled “homeborn” slave, but any such “slaves” bought from “strangers” were to be treated as family.

And in the laws of Moses is a clear ban on forcing free men into any servanthood.

The other “smoking gun” sign of diabolical NCC theology infiltration is the prolific use of the word “race”, as in “holy race”, in the modern translations, instead of the more proper use of the word “seed”. It is less carnal, and


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