Russia in prophecy

Russia, inasmuch as they never truly went to hibernation. They went into stealth mode. “Fooled you all!” (Well at least the usual government mouthpieces, i.e. NPR, NYT, LAT, Washington Post, CNN, and alphabet soup. –And don’t forget Fox talkers that still think Reagan killed Communism….

One GRU defector said a Russian translator said that Stalin and others were already discussing Glasnost strategy in the 1950s. In Gorbachev’s speech to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, he told them “If you think socialism is dead, you have another thing coming”. Kruschev banged his shoe at the UN podium and said, “We shall bury you! And God is with us!” That’s right, this Jesuit-educated Soviet strong man predicted it, explaining to somebody later that the shoe trick came from an old Russian custom of shaking the dirt off your boot when leaving a city that had treated you badly.

God and Magog eventually do form their alliance with a list of allies I read about in a Bible study missive in the 1970s, a list from Ezekiel: Iran, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Arabia, Libya, Ethiopia (I think), and others. Apparently Germany was in the list.

Europe is fickle, folks. For example Russia could say we want euros not dollars. The Bible is two-thirds prophecy, half of that concern mostly what we call “end-times” including lead-ups to it, and a great deal of that is done deal already while even most Christians were looking the other way (and religious Jews have themselves all screwed up on the subject ever since they rejected Messiah). Daniel 9:24-27 pinpoints the year “Messiah shall be cut off”.

Speculation is rampant. Ukraine is a player and to Ukrainians, and to the Russians in the eastern part of the most recent borders, it’s a Very. Big. Deal.

Breathing threats at Russia is not productive. They KNOW they can do nothing. Even during the “Cold War”, my Air Force Sargeant brother-in-law stationed in Germany told me the obvious result in the case that Russia would decide to do an all-out conventional invasion of western Europe.

Time is on Russia’s side and all the power players in this theatrical dance know it. They are just play-acting for us, pretending we can make a difference in the vote. As long as the Fed has control of the currency and the economy, only the banks and their clients that play ball their way will be favored.

Except the blowback from alternative news sources they can’t control (yet?) has crimped their style. Americans’ roared back on Syria, surprise, and they also were surprised at political voices that did not follow script on Libya, like Sarah Palin even.

The truth is the truth no matter what. God is in control. Even of the Great Whore of Babylon, it’s God who puts in the heart of the ten kings to “burn her with fire”.

Freedom is better, peace is better.
Proverbs 26:17 He that passeth by, and meddleth with strife belonging not to him, is like one that taketh a dog by the ears.


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