The Malaysian Jetliner: A Non-Conspiracy Theory

Finally, a very convincing NON-CONSPIRACY reaction to the missing flight, and finally from the perspective of an actual pilot with apparently more flight time than any of the less experienced telegenic ones interviewed for news media.

The Malaysian Jetliner: A Non-Conspiracy Theory

See, most rationally-minded thinkers who do not swallow official explanations just because, and often find human-flawed people doing evil things with government power (oh what a surprise!) and attempting to cover it up (nah, not in America, right?), do not jump at things like this to say “conspiracy”.

In fact the usual media “conspiracy theory” debunkers, note, are the ones going into flaming paranoia mode, I have noticed.

But antennae go up when there is positive evidence of cover-up, (other than the usual cover-my-ass blather) for example when a police spokesperson declares there is no evidence of foul play, minutes after a very weird auto crash, before the temperature of the auto has even cooled off to ambient level.

Or a big event ushers in the biggest surveillance and police state regimen in the history of the USA.



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