Neocon objects: Rand Paul Nothing Like Reagan in Foreign Policy?

The idea of “peace through strength” was the core of what Reagan preached, and Rand Paul’s emphasis on this point shows more alignment with that principle than almost any other Republican potential presidential candidate, BY FAR.


Rand Paul’s other main point would be simply to point out that the other guys are no Reagan at all. Reagan said “Tear down this wall”, called the Soviet Union an “evil empire”. I don’t see Rand Paul extolling the glory of socialism, do you?


Grenada and Nicaragua were more an exception. But Reagan also learned something in Lebanon and pulled the Marines out soon after the bombing that killed a bunch of them, telling Ron Paul later that he just didn’t know they were so crazy over there.


Rand Paul’s policy is better than Reagan’s. History quiz: Who said “Commerce with all nations, alliances with none?”
Worked for 150 years until the bipartisan political party duopoly pushed us into World War I and the Federal Reserve sent us down the road to the fiat currency, another policy Reagan was too timid about.



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