“Affirmative Action” programs are just a mask on the old “token Negro” hiring

Whites and European-descendants are a minority in the world today. Was it racism when the Hopis got chased all over southwest US by other tribes (Navajo I was told)? Was it racism when the tribe Columbus found on Hispaniola had wiped out the tribe that had occupied the island before that? Is white slavery racism?

They say “hate crime” is worse because it targets a group. Tell you what, EVERY crime targets the entire human race.

It’s a distraction anyway. It used to be that civil rights leaders in the 1960s (I was there) complained about “token Negro” hires. They loudly protested the practice of hiring somebody over another just because they were black.

So the left-socialists turned the injury of token hirings into insult, and slapped a new label on the same thing (like Orwellian Doublespeak), and called it “affirmative action”.

Better to just treat each person as an individual.



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