Reason Magazine: Hey, stop depending on government!

Reason magazine makes too much emphasis on being “modern liberals” in matters of “social conservative” issues, rather than being truly libertarian.

Statists want you to argue about what kind of marriage the state will recognize. Demanding government persmission for how you define your relationships is a political power platform item, NOT a libertarian item!

Gay marriage has no business at all in a discussion of political philosophy, Stop looking to government rulings and votings on “gay marriage”. Anybody can have a genuine or a sham “marriage”. (One guy once said he “married” his horse!)

And stop pretending that opposition to the abortifacient drugs that come with the label of “contraceptive” is anything but a defense of the LIBERTARIAN rights of the defenseless babies in the womb to be free from aggression.

PLEASE NOTE GUYS: AYN RAND’S HYSTERICAL HATE OF ALL THINGS “GOD” IS NOT! A LIBERTARIAN POSITION. Especially in the defense of the natural rights of individuals. It is an un-reason-able (devoid of “reason”) to deprecate the contribution of Christianity to the fights for freedom. And from the 20th century, we see that atheist regimes are more brutal in their violation of the rights of man.

Educate yourselves in the stands for freedom by Bible-believing Christians (like myself) who are able to see that anarcho-capitalist philosophy is actually a Biblical doctrine. (Matthew 17:25-26, 1 Samuel 8:7, and others).


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