Ukraine and Honduras and Western hypocrisy

It occurred to me that the West, Obama, Kerry they’re all such lying hypocrites talking about Ukraine like that. They forcibly removed an elected head of state and put in the choice of the (supposedly) mobs.

Honduras did a LOT less, in fact Honduras did it according to their Constitution 100%. And they piled onto Honduras, telling them to put the guy back in power, in spite of the fact that at least 80% of the people wanted him gone.

My son is studying in Honduras, and he says that everybody feels a lot safer now with the new president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernandez inaugurated in January. Even before he took office, he was spending his own money to build good homes for the police, and at the same time saying at the first indication of corruption out they go.

Even opposition party supporters, usually more poor, even some you’d expect supported Zelaya’s new (socialist) party, they’re all praising him. The New York Times is absolutely clueless with their stupid article from March 7.

Honduras is still plagued by homicides but the gangs are getting pushed off the streets, and the military are helping with the crime situation. That is 100 percent explicitly constitutional there, and the only ones who want them back in their barracks are the gangs, their friends, and the ones that are scared of them, and the coup-mongers like Zelaya’s new party that want to destabilize the country and kill the economy.


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