NYTimes is clueless about Honduras, and so is Oscar Martinez – Who is he?


You’d think with the scandal few years agone where one of their “journalists” was caught making stuff up and they had to fire him, that the New York Times would vet what they put in their pages.

In that article they printed HALF the story. The other half is what almost all Hondurans know, and that is that to stop the murdering madness in Honduras, there is no decent judicial system for handling all the trials like you do in the United States. So arrogant are some Americans like the NYT editorial staff, when they have a president that claims the authority to send a hit on anybody anywhere that he decides deserves it. And here they get so snotty-nosed about Honduras??!

Real snobs, these, who no doubt make six figure salaries, and live in well-protected areas that aren’t in a perfect storm of geographical confluence for a major thoroughfare for drug gangs like Honduras is. They would demand macho police too.

And have you seen any reporting in the NYT about the plague of “macho police” in the United States, looters taking spoils and refusing to return them?

Hypocrisy, thy name is Osar Martinez and NYT. Who is this ivory tower pontificator anyway? He expected Honduras to snub this guy by saying he loved his country and wanted to protect the citizens? Honduras’ biggest problem is the violence.

Oscarito is clueless too, that petty mugging has dropped drastically in Honduras these days.

And Hondurans LOVE it.


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