Obama a harmless “big government liberal”? Really?

Obama only a “big government liberal”?

#1. He studied under Communist Saul Alinsky disciples. He was the author of “Rules for Radicals” where among other things he tells them to bankrupt the capitalist welfare state by demanding they pay out everything they promise, lie whenever they can get away with it, and lots more of what Obama does.

#2.His “Uncle Frank” mentor he talks about in his book was Frank Marshall Davis, Communist writer and propagandist of some fame back in the day, and who made frequent visits to Obama and his grandfather’s home in Hawaii for cards, drinking, conversation.

#3.Bill Ayer, bomber and cop-killer of the Weathermen faction of SDS and now Chicago professor with tenure (“how’d that happen? Ask yourself), was the one who threw a political coming-out party for Obama that set him on his way to the political career.

#4.Obama the narcissist couldn’t help bragging to the postman on the Ayers’ route that he was going to be president.

#5. When he said “fundamentally transform” America, you think he meant just like his Dem Party predecessors? Is that what his imperial presidency looks like to you?

#6.He went off-script in one 2008 campaign speech and exposed one of his mentors’ more secret plans, to set up his own national police force with more funding and resources than the military (more because he said “at least” as much).

#7.His administration has more secrets than any other in American history, but even what he lets show is monstrous. (Like the militarized domestic police force [think “police state”], ObamaScare the Unaffordable Sick Action, kill lists, drone strikes on American citizens, universal surveillance on we the people, an endless list)

#8.He had Hillary make a personal phone call to Roberto Micheletti to order him to put the coup-plotting dictator president Manuel Zelaya back into power. Yes, coup-plotter who had already destroyed all semblance of constitutional rule in the country. The world condemned Fujimori for the same actions that Zelaya did (except that the military and people of Peru mostly supported Fujimori, and the people of Honduras massively protested against Zelaya –against the will of the American ambassador I might add)



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