Ukrainian fantasy

Mao used to call the USA a “paper tiger”.
Obama’s warning he’ll use what he doesn’t have. He’s the anti-Teddy Roosevelt. (Like Savage said, he speaks loudly and carries a limp stick)

What can Obama do? Nothing at all!

Now it’s out in the open. Russia said if they take economic measures against them they’ll just dump the dollar. That, my friend, will absolutely crush the United States and the entire world will implode, and it’ll make that “knockout game” look like a Boy Scout camp.

Michael Savage is a fierce commentator and sounds like crazy-right-wing, but the guy today was pouncing on all the warrior rhetoric. Obama drew a “pink line” in the sand and Putin could give a damn. His cabinet is probably having the laugh of their lives behind the doors. Thank God McCain did not get elected, he would have us invading Afghanistan all over again, and invading Syria, Georgia, Ukraine, and blowing up North Korea.

The warmongers are desperate. Americans have refused to let them do war, protesting loudly about Libya (even the usual warrior cheerleaders) and warning him to stand down Syria. They did the focus groups probably found it would be the straw breaking their camel’s back.

So now they’re reducing the force (for now) and building up the machines. Profits! Special forces! Million-dollar soldiers that need advanced technology!

The neocons and war machine working with “socialist” George Soros did their thing in the Ukraine. A lot of the ethnic Ukrainians no doubt hate the Russians for the history, especially the Nazis that are getting really bold now. But Crimea is a different matter. The Crimea is ethnic Russians and much other territory in western Ukraine.

The demonstrations got hot right after the deposed president decided to deep-six the EU. Get screwed like the rest of you dupes? Nah.

Putin is more forthright. It’s amazing. I used to wonder how God could let Gog/Magog propsper enough to lead the invasions of Israel in the end-times. (Russia/Moscow today, as stated by prophecy scholars since the first millenia, despite some modern misinterpretations) But there they are. 1990’s and 2000s at least they were begging for Bibles for their government schools! They’ve been meddling less than the “only” superpower left.

It won’t last, but it matches a dream I had once in the 1970s, that Russian had opened up and their government was encouraging Christians to come in and do their thing. The open culture I suspect is more friendly to the Bible message than ever.

Lying McCain. Crimea was Russia’s for centuries. Clinton forced Kosovo to break off from Serbia, NATO bombed the hell out of the place, took advantage of Glasnost and the Russians’ tiring of their own national socialism. Now Russia is back, and the hardliners are dominating again over there. (Another Christian prophecy by the way). So now Russia is helping their own Russians there. Serbs were Slavs.

Thank God that after the hell the world is going to get pretty soon, the swords will get beat into plowshares.


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