Sometimes is so NOT libertarian

But they still pretend.

Take this little article:

So maybe it’s just author Scott Shackford.

A quote about the “gay and lesbian” community: ” they still don’t have any state protection from business discrimination”.

What, “protection” from “discrimination? Whatever the motivations are for the ones that proposed and voted for the bill, we now have a post on “libertarian” web site about an individual’s right to do business with whomever he decides to. And they say this group should get “protection” against “business discrimination”.

Reason magazine presumably agrees that the income tax is theft, like a libertarian position would take.

Here we have another example of involuntary servitude, a demand for protection for actions in which the master (the government, the plaintiffs, the judges, legislators, take your pick) would coerce you under threat of fines, confiscations, prison, to provide the fruits of your labor to the one doing the demanding of your time, your labor, your resources.

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  1. seismicmike Says:

    Yeah, I’ve found myself shaking my head at several articles lately. I’m not sure what’s up…

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