Left-fascist echo chambers and use of doublespeak

Left-fascists think they have the racist obligation to tell blacks they can't think for themselves, that their thinking has to be decided by their color, and if think any other way it's because they're doing what whites want. Meaning, blacks are supposed to think they way they're told to think by their new masters on the "left-liberal plantation", and if they don't, they're just thinking like they're told by the /other/ white guys. Left-fascists echo what they're told to think by the plutocrats. If you don't like taxes, if you talk about the Constitution, if you believe in freedom and individual rights, why, you're a racist. But they get all indignant when libertarians challenge them on the biggest vestige of legacy racism we have left, the drug laws. The drug laws have worked against blacks at ever level: arrest percentages, prosecutions, convictions, and length of sentences. But talk about taking drug choices back from the government, and they get all indignant about their favorite drug law: the ones that give special protection to Big Pharma. They call it regulation, and always demand more, and Big Pharma is glad to write more laws and regulations. Or lend an executive for awhile to do it. Meanwhile the non-violent victims of the laws against drugs are still behind bars. The military-industrial complex is glad to have more reason to sell more armaments to police agencies.

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