News Review: state violence, citizens defending themselves

Deep State Violence and the Hope of Internet Politics:

Or if others say they believe that “Oswald acted alone,” they may do so in the same comforting but irrational state of mind that believes God will reward the righteous and punish the wicked.

That’s not irrational, it’s the truth. What is irrational, whether a majority goes along with it or not, is to continue to insist on dogma against evidence. You know, like ignoring the role of Christ and his followers in all the immense improvements in society for the last 2,000 years.. It’s a good article, outside of little parenthetical swipes at the wrong targets.

After all, the followers of Christ have been those that have suffered most in these two millenia at the hand of wicked states, including the ones that kept the Christian banner for their most horrific anti-Christian acts.

It is a rule of the universe, whether it’s accepted or not. Whatsoever a man seweth that shall he also reap. Stalin commanded all the material wealth he desired, but lived in a paranoid panic that had him so scared of his curtains hiding assassins that he had them cut halfway down to see where they might stand in wait.

That’s right, if you just look at the material things you don’t get it. There are more things in life than wealth or power.

It is however a deep event of a new and unprecedented order. Deep events related to political control of this country are far more frequent than most of us like to recognize. Since the conspicuous assassinations of the 1960s and early 1970s – all deep events — at least six politicians have also died in single-plane crashes. Although many of these crashes were probably accidental, it is striking that only one Republican has died in this fashion, as opposed to five Democrats.35 Official accounts of the deaths of three of these Democrats – Senator Paul Wellstone, and Congressmen Hale Boggs and Nick Begich, have been challenged, as has the very suspicious “accidental” death in a 1970 single-plane crash of UAW labor leader Walter Reuther.36

Hey! You should have mentioned Sen. McCarthy in the KAL attack in Russian waters, hello? Republican….and others…

Single propellers, eh? They use much more than that, of course…


Detroit citizens prove citizens shooting back stop the criminals:


A Detroit mom warned intruders she was armed. The three home invaders said “No you don’t” and broke in. After her second round of fire they fled.

…Police Chief Craig said concealed carry reduces crime, he saw that in Maine…

Thusly, in just one week in the city of Detroit there were three armed citizen defenses which resulted in three arrests, no physical injuries to victims, and the deaths of two very violent and dangerous predators.


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